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Sant Shree Sachcha Baba


The works of the Saint are supernatural, phenomenally transcendental, mysteriously most revolutionary and as they are super human, it is very difficult to comprehend or develop faith in them. Also though words and books are meant to guide the individual to explain the Truth, sometimes they also misguide, create distrust or confusion as on account of misinterpretation, false ego,, limitations of the human intelligence and speech. The effort has been made with an intention to provide a guide line to the sadhaks, especially the young ones who are receiving the Grace most abundantly. We have to create an internal revolution, give ourselves to gain our Self, through The Saint. Hope the book is instrumental in developing Faith, Love and Devotion of the sadhaks towards their Idols and the Guru- Purshartha Srota.

The Cause of Creation .

The Cause of the Creation is the Supreme Being. He created Mahamaya and gave Mahamaya the Authority to create worlds and jivas. He also gave Mahamaya the freedom to superimpose false and wrong impressions and concepts to make Him, who is One and undividedly only One - SEVERAL. Thus all the souls created by Mahamaya are inseparable fractions of the Supreme Being, but because of Ignorance, the false condoning of Mahamaya, they all act in individual ego's just like in the ocean, the waves are the inseparable fractions of the ocean but are rising and merging in the ocean in individual capacities. The entire creation is projected from the Supreme Being and ail find fsnal refuge in the Supreme Being alone but because of the thick veil created by Mahamaya, people question the very existence of Parmatma-" the Supreme Being. Such is the Dominant Power of Mahamaya. The entire worldly phenomenon is based on the Principles of Mahamaya, governed by its Power, intelligent by It's Intelligence, wealthy by It's Wealth, trying to condone and veil the awareness/ consciousness of the relationship with Parmatma.
Mahamaya has its origin and refuge in Parmatma, but because of Its Authority It does not allow the Jivas to get an iota of the Knowledge of Parmatma. Parmatma brings about Awareness and Consciousness about Himself amongst the Jivas by his ENERGY which iscalled the Purushartha Srota or the Guru Srota.)


To know the cause of the descent of Saint Shri Sachcha Baba we have to go back to the Dwapara Age, when the great battle of Mahabharata was being fought Almost all of the great personalities of Bharata in exception to the Pandavas had been killed, on seeing such great human toll Sage Narada was much aggrieved. He approached Lord Krishna and asked him as to why such a colossal bloodshed occurred in His very presence? Why did He not stop the War ? Lord Krishna replied that all happened as per the designs of Prakrit! and he could not do anything against the will of Prakriti.This answer further shook Narad Ji. Lord Krishna, the full manifestation of The Supreme God Head, was unable to do anything against the designs of Prakrit! II How come ? Form where does Prakrit!get such Power? And why?
With all such questions sage Narada approached the Supreme Being, He narrated before the Supreme Being the plight of the human beings, the great human toll in the battle field and what had transpired between Him and Lord Krishna. On, thus pleading for the cause of mankind. He received an Assurance that Mahamaya would also work for the glory of Parmafma in this world.Sage Narada came down on this earth to find that Kaliyuga had commenced and was taking shape on a fast scale. He started living on mount. Girnar (in Gujrat) deeply engrossed about the upliftment of the jivas. One day it occurred to Him that Ravana (The demon King in the Age of Treeta) had created an atmosphere of Kaliyuga in his kingdom - Lanka, thus if Ravana could do such a thing, why could not He (Naradaji) create a Satyuga in this very Kaliyuga. And immediately He took a Vow that He would create a Satyuga for 10,000 years in this very Kaliyuga on His own efforts.As soon as He took the Vow, He received a Supramental Warning that presently the Authority over Time is Saint Shri Kachcha Baba who is residing in Jalhupur near Kashi, Varanasi. You (Naradaji) cannot bring about any change / transformation in this time frame without His (Kachcha BabaJs) consent Kachcha Baba had allowed His Ashram to grow in the Aghori pattern. There was no check on sex/wine/non-veg in the Ashram. He said that this was all very fine and all right as these are the Kaliyuga days and all this happens in these dark times. He had made London the centre of glory and attraction and had converted Kashi (a centre of Enlightenment) into a centre of Avidya & darkness.
It is said that once King George V, when he was the prince of Wales, he visited India and also came to Varanasi. Here he made a desire to meet a high order Saint People took him to meet Kachcha Baba. Baba was already waiting for him George V on reaching the Ashram, went bare feet to see Kachcha Baba bowed and prostrated in front of Him and sat down on the floor very humbly before Him Kachcha Baba was very happy to see such humble & simple behaviour. He blessed George V and gave an assurance that till His Authority is there over time, the British Empire will keep on prospering and nothing untoward shall happen to it.
Girnari Baba (sage Narada was residing on the Girnar Mountain, hence was nick named so) came to Kashi Jalhupur, and met Kachcha Baba. He told Him about His vow and asked Kachcha Baba to help in uplifting the mankind. Kachcha Baba did not agree. He said that these are the Dark Times and it is not correct to bring about the Golden Age during these times. Giman Baba said that all the Time Frames are the settings of Prakriti. The Golden Age is the best for the jivas upliftment and it is most proper for the Saints to strive for the jivas upliftment After a lot of persuasion did Kachcha Baba agree that what Girnari Baba says is correct but as the world (jivas) had fallen down in Dharma and Truth, how can the jivas again stand up in Dharma. Girnari Baba said that He would make the world stand-up by His Grace and Effort. Kachcha Baba said that He would be convinced only after taking a no. of tests and experiments. Girnari Baba undertook all the tasks and tests set by Kachcha Baba and successfully passed all of them. Thus on becoming fully satisfied of Girnari Baba's Supramental Stature and Ability, Kachcha Baba gaveHim the Authority over time to tranform the Time frame as per His concept and desire. After giving the Authority, Kachcha Baba told His main disciples that all of them should respect Girnari Baba and obey all His commands as He is a tr Sachcha (true) Saint. (This Is how Girnari Baba got the name of Saint Shri Sachcha Baba Girnari.) Kachcha Baba said, "On the very eighth day from this date, one particular devotee shall become rnad and shall hit me with a stone on the fore head, and blood shall ooze out and soil all my clothes and ! would leave this physical body. Nothing should be said to this particular devotee as this is how I have to go from this world. My physical body should be given Samadhi (burried) at Jaihupur where I shall remain in the supramental state and the blood soaked clothes should be given samadhi at the kuti (cottage) at Ganga Varuna Sangam, Kashi, Varanasi, where I shall remain in the Energy Form. All happended as He had said and His Samadhis were built as per His desire at both the places,
Girnari Baba on getting the Authority from Kachcha Baba, formed a High order working committee named as Fakiri Parliament under His Chairmanship wherein there were members - Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Rishab Dev (Kachcha Baba), Bhagwan Dattatreya, Bhagwan Valmiki and Mahamaya. This Committee was formed at the Supramenta! Level and all the Governing Shaktis and Shaktimans' were ordered to work under and report to this Committee. Girnari Baba on the physical level came to stay at Dholpur (The Raja - Udai Bhan Singh was his devottee and had offered one of his palaces1 to Girnari
Baba to use as His Ashram) from Girnar. The most important task for Him was to set India free and also induct the higher principles of life in the world At Dholpur two important people came to Him and became His principle devottees - Siya Sarkar and Shri Kulanand and ji Maharaj.
Siya Sarkar was the princesses of a small sub-state called 'Siya' of the state Datteya situated near Dholpur. She was unmarried and very pious, on becoming a devottee of Girnari Baba, She renounced all Her princely and worldly attachments and started living with Girnari Baba in a Sanyasini Order. She was the symbol of simplicity, pious purity and motherly love and compassion. Girnari Baba had given Her the title of "AchintyaShakti".
Shri Kulanand Ji Maharaj was from a Brahmin family of Bihar, who had come looking for a job. But very soon, He became very close to Girnari Baba and achived the rightful seat of His true disciple and successor.
In 1936, Girnari Baba had to unfurl His Fakiri Flag in the Kumb Mela Campus, Allahabad. Before this event He had written to the Viceroy, that the King George V, himself or his authorised representative should come and salute the Fakiri flag and take the blessings of the Fakiri Order, otherwise a great calamity would strike the British Empire The Viceroy could not understand the gravity of Baba's warning and neither could he fathom the Stature and Force of Baba. Thus King George V nor his representative came but the Fakiri Flag was hoisted with great pomp and glory on the Basant Panchami Day at the Khumb Mela Campus, Allahabad in 1936. Immediately after, Ksng George V fell sick and died and also the down fall of the British Empire commenced.
In 1942, there was a Quit India Movement all over India to overthrow the British Rule. Prior to this Movement a AH India level meeting of all the kings and the Congress Leaders was held, so that a collective decision for the Movement could take place Raja Dholpur had also to attend this meeting. He asked Girnari Baba about His advice and suggestions for the meeting. Girnari Baba said that the British Government has to go and it will go on its own but not just now. Hence cancel this movement (Quit India) as there will be a useless bloodshed. Also in this meeting, you all Kings should collectively decide that on becoming free from the British Rule you would pay 4% Fakin Tax as to-day you give tax to the British Empire, otherwise you all may also go along with the British Rule.
The Rajas and Congress leaders also did not understand the Gravity & Power of Girnari Baba and the Quit India Movement occurred in 1942. All in futile, causing a huge human bloodshed and suffering. The agonized Baba and also made Him stern towards the Rajas. In 1943, some 700 cows of Dholpur State were being taken to Agra for slaughter. This report came to Baba. Baba asked Raja Dholpur to take immediate action and stop the cows from crossing the Border. The Raja told his ministers and staff but as a lot of money had been given as bribe no check took place and the cows reached Agra. This news reached Baba, He immediately rushed to Agra and at a great risk to His life could save 700 cows of Dholpur and 500 of other states All this episode made Him bitter about the Rajas' and He left Dholpur for good and came to the Kachcha Baba Kuti (cottage) at Ganga Varuna - Sangam, Kashi, Varanasi.
He made Shn Kulananda ji attain full Enlightenment and said that I have made One stand-up,, He shall make the entire world stand-up. He meant by this was that I have made the BEEJ (SEED) Purusha, the nucleus, attain Perfection hence the whole world (Tree) would one day become perfect.
In 1944, Girnari Baba strived to assure that the British does not loose its dignity in the World War II which had commenced and Germnay was advancing over the British Forces. After becoming fully assured about the outcome of the War in the favour of the British, Girnari Baba said that His work was done and He transferred "The Authority" of transforming the world to Shri Kulanand Ji and warned Shri Ktilanand Ji about the treacherous ways of Mahamaya. He assured that He would always remain with Shri Kulanand Ji as His great source of Energy. After this He took Samadhi but prior to that He took three vows -(I) This Kashi, which was a center of Knowledge & Enlightenment and had been made a centre of Avidya, is being again made a center of Knowledge & Enlightenment..(2) The British is ordered to leave India completely and
set It totally free
(3) The entire Avidya spread in this world, is being putto sleep forever
Thus on 16th June, 1944, Saint Shn Sachcha Baba Girnari took Mahasamadhi and His body was given Samadhi opposite the Shakti Samadhi of Kachcha Baba at the Kuti (cottage), Ganga Varuna Sangam, Kashi.
Shri Kulananda Ji Maharaj had attained full Enlightenment and total consciousness of the Supreme God Head Even though, He was an ardent disciple of His Guru-Saint Shri Sachcha Baba Girnan. He stayed near the Samadhi of Girnari Baba for a continuous one year under all odd and difficult circumstances, constantly praying and pleading to His Guru to reappear before Him. Girnari Baba would reappear before Him in His very own form and say that I and You are One, so do not differentiate between Us. But it was only by 1956 that Shri Kulanand ji became fully convinced that His Guru was totally present and Active in Him and He was a mere witness. Thus 1956 onwards He came to be known as Sachcha Baba Even then He did not take the Authority of the Transformation Process but vested ALL the Authority in the hands of His Guru - Girnari Baba. He kept Himself in the humble role of a slave and devotee, constantly praying for the Transformation to take shape as per the Will of Girnari Baba. His surrender towards His master, His Humility, His Devotion and Striving for
the cause of the Transformation were all PAR-EXTRAODR1NARY, which could be seen in al! His actions throughout His Life.
In fact He further spread The Vow of Girnari Baba,which is evident on comparing the two aartis the one made by Sachcha Baba (Kulananda Ji) is more universal and wide}thus giorifing His Guru and the Supreme Being on a much broader level. We can also say that Girnari Baba could spread the Vow to its widest level through Him. When Girnari Baba was there on the material plane in the gross body, He had taken a Vow to bring about a Satya Yuga for 10,000 years and uplift the jivas to the level of ananda awastha (the state of bliss) by His own effort and Energy. But after His Samadhi, He was forced to re-energise in Shri Kulananda Ji due to His devotion. Now as the gross body was that of Shri Kulananda Ji, where in Shri Kulananda Ji had become totally a silent Witness, Girnari Baba the Energy, as He says for Himself "What Not, Where Not", He could further extend the Vow and stretch It fully. But in bringing about this extention of the Vow, Shri Kulananda Ji had to suffer a lot
He made an "Vow" "Aarati", and "Prayer" which prove beyond doubt that His Guru and the Supreme Being are ONE, Sachcha is the true Idol of the Supreme Being. Girnari Baba Said that I have made 'One5 stand up against the Prakriti and He shall make all (the entire world) happy. Shri Kulanannda ji has said that I have made the Vow and prayer for the benefit of all and am fully confident that all shall become HAPPY one day.


The Saint has defined the Purushartha Srota or the Guru Srota in a very wide Spectrum. The Guru is not an individual but the Energy emerging from the Supreme Being which brings about the Awakening and Awareness of the Truth on the material plane. Hence It is not an individual but the Guru Srota or It can also be called as a Purushartha Srota as It works in us to uplift us to the higher levels of consciousness . When the Guru Srota becomes graceful upon an individual It works on the individual from all the sides. The individual gets new Energy to uplift himself towards the Supramental consciousness and is also guided and helped from all the sides and angles. Therefore, one must not narrow It to the individual level. It is not that the individual Guru has to be left or ignored in any sense but-the Guru is the physical embodiment of the Guru Srota, which is omnipotent and omnipresent - this has to be clearly and firmly understood. The Guru Srota is not an individual thus cannot be confined to the human body. The Guru is the Knowledge and wonderful Energy who inspires the individual to rise higher on the spiritual plane. The compassion in the Guru Srota opens the door in the Supreme Being for the individual and also energizes the individual to rise above the Three folds of Maya and attain Superamental conciousness.
The Guru Srota is beyond Maya, without any Ego and beyond any limitations and boundaries. Shri Kuianand Ji has therefore rightly said that "If Sachcha is bound in Sachcha He is not Sachcha" meaning thereby that in case Girnari Baba is attached to the name Sachcha , then He is not a true Guru. He would say that there is no Sachcha Dom to be spread. Just by getting a Human Body all become Sadhaks, therefore one must not spread Gurudom. He said that He has come down for the Glory of the Truth and shall remain for the Cause.
In the ancient ages, the title of a Guru was given by the established Gurus only after they had thoroughly tested an individual for his capacity and capability. It is also said that a Guru should not be taken in a hurry. A sadhak should watch and test the Guru for His merits and only take Him as his Guru after becoming fully satisfied about His capacity. Saint Shri Sachcha Baba Girnari and Shri Kuiananada Ji Maharaj are the unique examples of the Guru-Disciple heritage. There is no other example of a Guru who has shown so much faith in His disciple as shown by Girnari Baba. He gave Shri Kulananda Ji the entire Authority over the time frame,
the entire Knowledge, and Enlightenment and also Himself. The work for which He constantly struggled since the Age of Dwapara, for which He took 13 incarnations, took an unending battle with Prakriti, He gave its full authority and control to Shri Kulananda Ji. Such faith shown by a Guru on His disciple is extraordinary. The surrender and devotion of Shri Kulananda Ji is also beyond comparison. He had the total Authority, had attained the highest order of God hood, had He wanted He could have taken the entire name and fame, but He did not do anything for Himself. In 1956, when He became fully confident of the fact that His Guru has taken over totally and is acting in Him and He is but a mere witness of his Guru's Actions in Himself, He started writing Himself as Saint Shri Sachcha Baba, thereby declaring that the surrender towards the 'Master1 was total and it was not out of Gurudom in any sense.Saint Srtree Sachcha Baba Purushartha Srota is the combined Energy of the Saints, the supreme Godheads, and Mahamaya, who have descended to transform the Universal Order as per The Vow of The Saint The members of the Purushartha Srota are constantly striving to open the higher Chakras and awaken the Kundalini shakti in all the Jivas.


He is the incarnation of Maharishi Narada, who is an Eternal Guru and a Saint. He took compassion for the entire mankind came down on the material plane to work for the uptiftment of the Creation since, the Dwapara Yuga. It is said that this was His 13th incarnation (As in the Photograph), He took this body when He was going aside the Ganges bank and a dead body was floating by. It suddenly occurred to Him to leave the present body and enter the dead body which was floating by. When He did so, He came to know that the dead body was of a Saint (sufi) who lived in a nearby village. So, He went to the village and roamed about it for four days but no one recognized Him as the Sufi Saint, He thus remained in the body. He is though ever present as He has Himself said that He is Arnar (immortal) and has The Knowledge of 43 Kalpas and very specifically said , "WHAT NOT, WHERE NOT". He is the Presiding Diety of the Supramental Transformation Committee formed by Him to govern the Universal Order and Change. Also He is omnipotent and omnipresent in the entire Universe in the form of Energy, constantly striving for the awakening of the Supramental consciousness.
GirnariBaba choose the Basant Panchami Day for hoisting the Fakiri Flag as Basant Panchami is regarded as the commencement of the change of season. The entire Prakrit is filled up with new Energy and awakens for a new life, The Knowledge of which is imparted at this time. Thus on this Bansant Panchami Day the Fakiri (True) Flag is hoisted by The Saint.

Saint Shri Sachcha

He is the Incarnation of the Supreme God Head. He was bom on the Janmastami (the day Lord Krishna was born) in 1914 in a village Gaura in Barauni, Bihar. It is said that the Holy Ganges flows some 10-12 miles away from the village but this year st had flooded the village and the water was rising higher and higher till it was touching the top most step of the house wherein Shn Kulananda Ji was born. As the newly born boy was bom on the Janamastami Day it occurred to someone that He should be brought out and his feet be dipped in the waters of the Ganges to bless Her, so that She may recede back to her original path. This was done and the waters started receding and it is said that never have they risen so high nor flooded the village in such manner Shri Kulananda Ji was taken to Girnari Baba on the pretext of a job in 1936 but very soon He became Girnari Baba's most ardent disciple and true devotee. Girnari Baba made him attain full Enlightenment and also gave him the Authority to Transform the Universal Order. Girnari Baba said that I have made One (Shri Kulananda Ji) stand-up and He shall make the entire world happy. Therefore Shri Kulananda Ji is also the BEE J PURUSHA of this creation He is looking after the entire transformation process and constantly striving for the awakening of the Supramental, Consciousness. He is the embodiment of Truth, Love, Compassion and is working on the Sashara Chakra to open it in all man kind.

Saint Shri Kachcha

He is in the incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Bhagwan Rishabh Dev) and had been the ruling Authority over the Kaiiyuga times and the founder of the Aghori Panth. He gave the Authority overtime to Girnari Baba and also became the member of this transformation Committee.He is the Karta (The Doer) and Parivartak (The Transformer) of this Universe as per the Vow of Girnari Baba, as Girnari Baba said that it was only He who has seen the times fail, so He is best suited for the job of seeing them rise to the high levels of the Golden Age. He is as on today, inspiring us all to rise above our Prakriti and adopt to the higher, purer and spiritual life He is working on the minds of the jivas to open them so that the jivas can experience the truth and reform themselves.


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